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Amazing ways to send birthday wishes to friends, cakes, chocolate, cards, flower from Shivani Flowers. Birthdays are one of the most significant events of our lives. With tasty chocolates and beautiful flowers, this particular day warrants celebration. It is hard to imagine celebrating birthdays without chocolates and roses. Sending Birthday flowers and chocolates from our online shopping platform makes them feel joyful and unique on this wonderful day. Shivani flowers is a leading name in the industry to offer you beautiful flowers and delicious cakes Surprise your loved one by sending out their birthday flowers and chocolates with personalised birthday wishes for friend, birthday cake wishes for friend. Show your loved one how much you love or care about them on their birthday by sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers and chocolates.
Shivani flowers is a one stop shop to let your loved ones feel happy and special
Through our website you can send flowers and chocolates conveniently to Birthday online. All the flowers are selected new by our florists and carefully packaged in elegant coverings. You’ll notice bouquets of flowers, decorations etc. Could easily send flowers and chocolates from our online shopping platform to all those people who live in faraway areas and are unable to reach. Flowers and chocolates can be purchased from anywhere, every time. We also offer delivery from mid-night.
Birthdays are the times for sweets and roses to celebrate and feast. Give flowers and chocolates to your friends, colleagues, families etc. for birthday. Celebrate such fun and rare occasions, by getting them flowers and chocolates.
Birthdays are those special moments one wants to remember by attaching flowers and chocolates to it, producing fun memoirs shared with your mates, relatives and special people. We have a wide variety of fresh flowers including strawberries, orchids, tulips, carnations, lilies, etc. The roses and chocolates complete the group with love and happiness. A birthday party is just a meeting, without a cake.
The simulated world’s people, also known as netizens, are rising each year hence digitizing birthday wishes for friend. To build one’s presence, the digital world has become an essential place. The emergence of the online gifting industry in India began with the advent of the country’s internet. The market has since boomed into a sector worth billions of dollars and nowadays most people prefer online shopping / gift. While owning 80 per cent of the total share, business gifting leads the gifting industry and the remainder is provided while personal gifts. And beyond that, in the last five years, customized gifting has quadrupled.
Being a niche–Hyper-localisation is a phenomenon that is on the rise as the prevalence of social media in the country’s tier 2 and tier 3 cities grows. Digital gifting productivity coupled with ease and timely delivery allows digital gifting an attractive option for flower delivery India, flower delivery India.
Social media–Reviews matter in the online space, as in the offline, since they are highly influential. This word-of-mouth avatar on social media helps drive sales in the online gifting sector.
Practical delivery options–Customer is the internet King (and Queen). Convenience is a luxury that is easily accessible to the customer, right from the selection, purchase and subsequent product delivery.
Personalization–Personalized gifts add value and sense to the gift-giving gesture. This has led to a shift from traditional to personalized gifting in consumer buying behaviour.
Gift cards–Gift cards are extremely practical choices for both sides. This not only prohibits a present from being dictated but also allows the receiver the freedom to choose the gift according to their wishes.
Modern gifts–Despite the widespread adoption of western lifestyle, the selling of modern presents such as flowers and chocolates, especially on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, will not be out of fashion any time soon.

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