International Earth Day

International Earth is near and we have amazing ideas…yes that is “flowers”.

Celebrate Earth Day with  Flowers:

Earth day is celebrated on 22 April worldwide. It has been actually started in 1970 and hence, started going strong ever since globally. It’s actually also the day to give and receive flowers. flowers are the  real example of spreading love and peace in the world which is also excellent for offering them to people who are celebrating this day with full joy, emotions and adornment.

Red roses”, are always there to symbolize pure love and faith towards our beloved ones. It will also be the  deadly combination with most other flowers to gift someone as a bouquet  or bunch. It will surely raise beauty of this day….try it.

White lilies“, are yet another way to greet your loved ones and make this day more peaceful and blessed.  They are also known as Madonna lilies which depicts religious art.

“Pink roses”, are here to relish most beautiful combinations with white flowers and look prettiest to gift someone on this day to make his/her day memorable. These flowers actually look so adorable as bunch for gifting someone… you will actually find a worthless smile on their faces.

Blue orchids”, which are my personal favourite flowers which looks soothing with every flower and have glamorous colour Which makes it look more adorable and I find it prettiest among all….last but not least it will be having deadly combo with white lilies for this peaceful earth day.

Earth Day’s importance cannot be overstated. Hence, it flowers makes this day more lovely for you and don’t forget to plant a tree on this Day…..