Mother’s day

Give a cake to your mother today…..

Mother is a blessing for all of us and As Mother’s Day approaches, many of us find ourselves shifting between the joy of remembering our mothers, and the pain of no longer having them with us. Those whose mothers are not with them or living far from them, they have best chance to impress their beloved mother with amazing mouthwatering cakes.

We have best cakes for mother’s day and even amazing varieties of them so….go and check out them:

Chocolate truffle cake: We have tastiest chocolate truffle cake which is so fluffy and creamy to eat. It is overwhelming for us to make such tasty cakes for our customers. It is my suggestion for you to try it once. Our prices are:

1kg chocolate truffle cake: Rs.899

½kg chocolate truffle cake: Rs.499

I am a HUGE fan of chocolate, especially chocolate cake – there are few things more comforting. I always have some kind of chocolate around the house and I’m damn sure about the favourite flavor which is same as mine most of you all.

Pineapple Cake: when in confusion just order Pineapple cake, actually most of us are addicted to pineapple cakes which is so soft and mouthwatering for us to eat….

1kg pineapple cake: Rs.999

1/2kg pineapple cake: Rs.599

Foundant cakes:

Our speciality which is our foundant cakes which are tasty as well as A+ in looks which is so good with their quality also. The most common covering for cakes is either fondant or buttercream. The type of icing you choose to cover your confectionary masterpiece with is a personal decision but there are pros and cons with either choice. You simply have to consider the style of the finished cake.

1kg foundant cake: Rs.1699

1/2kg foundant cake: Rs.899

Go and check them out now….

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