Wishing you all a prosperous World Theatre Day :

World Theatre Day :

It was firstly initiated by the International Theatre Institute (ITI) in 1961 for the purpose of celebrating all the peoples that values and appreciate the importance of the art form “theatre”. It was celebrated annually by ITI Centres, theatres professionals, theatre organizations, theatre universities and the international theatre community throughout the world. some world class theatres, ITI centres and professionals organize some significant events and programs for making the day auspicious, memorable and more popular people.

  For spreading this piece of culture, art and make famous among youth and also for making this day memorable, organizations generally take it to next level. There’s a small unknown fact people generally are not aware of is that In 1962, Jean Cocteau of France wrote the first World Theatre Day International Message.

This is also a kind of unknown thing is that….all world theatres, dance institutions solely pays tribute to this “World Theatre Day” which is excellent in its own way. World Theatres also collaborate with ITI Centres, Cooperating Members and friends in conveying World Theatre Day Message to the media like radio, TV or press. We can introduce new author to the theatre industry with interviews or video chats.

World Theatre Day with flowers:

On this Day Flowers or bouquets are initially used in events, programs to decorate especially during award ceremonies and to make the more prosperous on the required day. Also send online gifts, Send online flower bouquet to your special organizations or professionals.

Order Floral gifts, flower bouquet, cakes for making the day more merrier and dazzling for all the audience in the auditorium.