Stay healthy!!

Some necessary Tips to stay fit during the monsoon season:

Want to enjoy rain showers with some necessary diet tips? Let us suggest you those diet tips for your healthy body:

Don’t lie!! most of us are already in love with those showers of rain and also those dreamy sights during monsoon which is absolutely wonderful to see but with all these guilty pleasures we have to stay fit. Here are some of the perfect tips about healthy diets in monsoon you must follow:

  1. Do not eat junk/raw food: Monsoon season is undoubtedly most beautiful season but also invites mosquitos with dangerous diseases as: malaria, dengue, swine flu which generally takes place in monsoon. Eating uncooked or food taken from outside are unhygienic especially in this season where insects are the kings and destroying people’s health. Do not eat junk food as they are kept for long period of time which is unhealthy and bad for your health.
  2. Excercise daily: As we all know exercise plays one of the most important role in our lives and in this time  of  pandemic, it actually becomes mandatory for us to exercise regularly with a good diet! It really gets important for a person with a heavy diet should also have a regular habit of exercising and having a fit body for getting rid from even minor diseases around.
  3. Have nutritious food: Other than only Staying at home also eat home cooked food and leave all other kinds of unhygienic food from outside for maintaining diet of your health. Start drinking Vitamins and other energy drinks for having fresh and healthy mind. Green vegetables, ginger, milk with turmeric and other food which strengthens your immune system.
  4. Get your clothes ironed: Generally clothes get moisturised and smelly in monsoon and we usually wear them after getting them dry , but it is really necessary for us to show sunlight to clothes and getting them ironed is  next  best thing. Clothes also want heat and get rid of moulds all over them after wetness, which is why ironing of clothes is usually very important.
  5. Take precautions against mosquitos: Mosquitos are yet another means of diseases in this rainy season which is a serious issue. Stagnant water brings most of these insects all over the house. Stinky food and dirty surroundings are the examples from which mosquitos occur and spread diseases all over.

They can bite anywhere and anytime so, People should make sure about the sanitation of their place and use mosquitos repellents, oil or spray to get rid of them.

  •  Say no to wet shoes and socks: It is obviously impossible to go out for work without shoes and socks but it is our responsibility to make sure that the socks and shoes we are going to wear are not wet and stinky. Usually people come back from work and throw their muddy socks and shoes on the other corner of their home which is unhygienic not only for that person but those members living in that house.

Make sure before going out that your pair of shoes and socks are dry and specially clean which is necessary for your health.

  • Take care of your allergies: Allergies are common in monsoon. So it is mandatory for all of us to have warm water in the morning to get rid of it. Wear your masks while you are out in a crowded place which is also a reason of your allergy. Pollution is yet another way of getting allergic which should have proper care!!

Take all the necessary prescriptions from doctor for getting away from allergies.

Monsoon is a beautiful season but it brings diseases for your body which is vulnerable. So make sure you should take care of yourself in this season!!